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Rachel’s Trash the Dress

RACHEL….. WOW…. we had to start off like that.

It all started off one day as we were at a friend’s warehouse. We were looking for a really cool place to shoot, and off in the distance we spotted a figure in the woods that resembled what used to be a house. After looking for a sign that would say something like “please come in we welcome trespassers”, and not really finding one, we decided to put our boots on and start our journey through old rusty chairs, a million beer bottles, some sort of tire graveyard, what looked like the remains of a small fire, and some fierce thorn bushes. We made it to this falling down house where you know there has been some activity going on by some people that were probably not up to any good. It was for sure going to be an awesome place for a shoot. We moved some of the roof that had fallen down to the side and swept the floor just a little so that we could see any exposed nails. We loaded in the couch we found for $10, a chandelier from Elegant Relic, an end table from the Nivens garage, some flowers from Laura, Emily’s old toe shoes, and the set was set! We brought Rachel in, ran some power, and it was on!

Rachel you did such an awesome job modeling for us, and when we say modeling… we mean modeling. Rachel you were awesome! We had such a fun time and we did not have to use the gun. I think we all made it without any tick bites, and Garry did not fall through the roof. It was truly an amazing shoot. We hope you love the pictures as much as we do. Thanks again.

Garry and Emily


Jennifer Lewis - WOW! These are absolutely beautiful! Great work!

Dan Jennings - These are great guys! Love the first one the best.

Rebecca - LOVE your work!! These shots are amazing! This shoot makes me want to get my wedding gown back on and do some pics. Can you email me your pricing info? Thanks!

Nick Cousines - Beautiful! Such a beautiful girl and great shots! I wish I could shoot like that!

Big Star Studios - Thanks everyone! Rachel was such a gorgeous model! She made our job super easy! Rebecca, shoot us an email at and we’ll send you some info. Thanks!

Sandy - These are truly beautiful! What a beautiful dress…. I’ve never seen a wedding dress so pretty! The ballet shoes really make the pictures that much more beautiful. I’m loving these! I just can’t stop looking at your website.

Rachel - Not only did you make my husband cry with these pictures (one specifically), but you brought tears to my eyes as well. You both have got to be amongst the most talented photographers I’ve ever seen (and trust me, I’ve seen many through my “side job” with The Knot). I cannot begin to thank you enough–there just aren’t words to express how amazing this turned out. I love you guys!

Christine Mason - Wowza!! These pics are breathtaking!!!!! Seriously, I agree with Sandy. I can’t stop looking at your site. You guys are awesome!!

Big Star Studios - Awwww thanks Rachel! You’ll have to tell us which one made your husband cry. We’re dying to know! We’re so glad you’re happy with them. You were wonderful! An amazing model!! We love you too!

Rachel - The very last one on the blog is the one that brought tears to his eyes…He said it reminded him of my home (I told you I grew up right next door to a railroad track)…and he knows how much I miss “home” sometimes….I think he was able to picture me back home, and it made him so happy, he cried (but don’t tell him I told you!)

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